Dokter who?

Dr. Jimmy Wall (Dokter Waldijk nom de plume) is a Doctor of the Universe and journalist – Gonzo style!

It is claimed the Dokter emerged on Galdhøpiggen – being sent there from Asgard on the orders of Odin. Sent to earth to drink as much mead as possible and report the state of the earth back to Odin when his life on earth ends – returning back to Valhalla.

After living a few decades in Norway, the Dokter ventured to Sweden for a few years before ending up in Europe’s cannabis haven – The Netherlands. There he met his wife – a Sheila.

Now the Dokter resides in Terra Australis Incognita. Planning to challenge the media there for a bit; in hopes that it will change for the better.

The Dokter is inspired by the works by and life of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson – the father of Gonzo Journalism. Very much like HST, the Dokter is able to put on different hats when writing. When asked to be objective, he will only provide you with the facts and verifiable. When asked to give an opinion … may God be with you.

Dokter Waldijk is best experienced intoxicated.



Longer pieces, usually focused on journalism and technology, are posted here.

Notes & Notater

When 140 characters isn’t enough or the Dokter needs to post a quick announcement, it goes here — both in English and Norwegian.

Utskremt Reporter

This is where the Dokter rambles on— only briefly —in Norwegian.



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