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Dokter works in IT again after a five-year-stint in journalism.
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Passionate about cryptography, privacy, Linux (Fedora), Bash scripting and snus. [Journalism1? Not so much anymore. Even though I have a Bachelor of Journalism, specialised in History and International Relations.]
c ontact
dokterw [at] protonmail.com (encrypted2 if you also use ProtonMail)
dokterw [at] tuta.io (encrypted if you also use Tutanota)
BC52NWAA [Threema] (encrypted, preferred)
dokterw [Wickr] (encrypted)
@DokterW [Twitter] (unencrypted)
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  1. I had a portfolio available, but it’s hidden now. 
  2. I prefer to use encrypted communication for your and my privacy in mind.